ASCENDANT - The 12th/1st House line. Your direct perception of a planet on the Ascendant Angle is modeled by the rising Sun each day. This is the ultimate symbol power moment of each new day, with the power of life flowing into the Earth, over the eastern horizon. This empowerment can be physically felt by the body, and seen in the response of plants following that Sun during its course, throughout the day. Perhaps the most perfect signature to the Ascendant moment is the turning of the Sunflower, or the Morning Glory to face the Sun. Where a planet is ascending, is that special place in the world where each planet's unique self-expression can be experienced - often directly and auspiciously depending upon patterns aligned to it.


MIDHEAVEN - The astrological 10th House. When the Sun reaches 'High Noon' it stands at the top of the sky relative to your position. This is the model each planet follows in turn - top of the sky positioning. In this moment the Sun illuminates everything with a minimum of shadow; all is visible, colors are most intense. For this reason, the planet or Sun on the Midheaven represents 'public' life - a full disclosure. It comes to symbolize your achievements (fame or infamy), career, place in society, and areas of responsibility. There is a special place, in each birth moment, in the world, where each planet in turn is on the Midheaven Angle, and where they are associated with particular traits.


DESCENDANT - The line between the 6th and 7th Houses. This placement is where we witness the Sun when it sets; that bittersweet, but glorious moment when light leaves the world. When we consider how often we might have spent meditating on the glory of the sky of the setting Sun of that moment, we can see how it is the symbol for the other - directly experienced. The moment teaches. Our relations teach and empower us when we are in harmony. Each planet in turn sets and we can face its nature face to face. For each of us, there are special places, one for each planet around the Earth, where this descending experience is most auspicious.


NADIR - In this area of the chart (the line between the 3rd and 4th Houses) and in the corresponding planet nadir placements across the Earth, you are sensitive to the environment in a profound way. This placement is fundamental to who you are, where your roots can be revealed to you through an affection for the place. Contact with places where planets were on the Nadir will grow you internally, teaching you much about your habits, origins, past, and taste.

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