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This website is about me, Wayne Moody, and my relationship with stone.  This being the case, we'll start with my first remembered contacts with stone and progress to the present moment in 2011.

From my earliest beginnings, I can recall stone being present on many of my stages.  After birth in Illinois, I was brought home to a trailer on the University of Illinois campus at Champaign/Urbana. Stones were a feature in trailer homes, there was one main practical reason, stone was necessary when traveling along muddy roads, through trailer lots, or along rough terrain. In fact, our trailer home, the second of two, was the same model as the one featured in the Lucille Ball (from I Love Lucy fame) movie, The Long, Long Trailer;

There is a hilarious scene in that movie involving Lucy and their stone ballast.  During my family's trailer days, one of my earliest memories is of a boy throwing a large stone at me. 

By spring of my fifth birthday, after 4 ½ years of trailer living, I found myself on a ship, The USS Patch, headed to Germany; once there, after a train ride to Bavaria, my love of mountains, really big stones, began.  My family remained in Germany from March 1956, until December (Christmas/Weihnachten) 1959; as a result, later, I fell in love with the movie, The Sound of Music, after it won the Academy Award in 1965.  It accurately captured the essence of those magnificent mountain scenes reminding me of my happy childhood in Bavarian Germany.

1960, at age ten, my family relocated to Coatesville, PA, a Pennsylvania Steel Mill town.  Coatesville was the birthplace of my parents, and I took to the environment like a duck to water, quickly learning to roam its hills and valleys, with their coal, iron ore, and shale heaps.  It was in Coatesville, where I put together my first collection of stones (mica, Schist, quartz, iron, and shale), carefully, and reverently, in egg cartons.  The wisdom to compile these collections came out of my favorite How & Why books, books very popular for kids my age, at the time.  I developed into quite a stone thrower in Coatesville; many broken windows were testament to my evolving skills.  From Coatesville, my family moved to cobblestoned Germantown, Philadelphia, PA., where from middle school through high school, these cobbled streets formed the backdrop of my development – key stages in the individuationof my ‘Self’.  In Germantown, besides the cobbles in the streets, the buildings of old colonial Germantown were largely built of stone or brick; the nearby neighborhood graveyards took their character from old stone headstones, indeed, the sights and feel that came daily to my senses was impacted by some kind of stone – I was immersed in it.  It became unconscious.  For a period, I turned away from my interest in stones and took up biological interests.  I wanted to be a veterinarian. 

College came in 1969, the Ivy League and its requirement for calculus and organic chemistry.  That standard killed the vision I had for medicine and after struggling with confusion, I quietly turned back to my first love – stones.  Oceanography, with its focus upon the volcanic Mid Atlantic Rift Valley and mineralogy were particularly impacting, as they put me in direct contact with world-class teachers, exotic fossils, and thousands of stone (mineral) specimens (many of the 4,000 known at the time).  I recall being particularly attracted to Sphalerite Crosses and Wulfenite, but after two attempts, I didn’t finish my degree in geology at Dartmouth.  I crossed the American 'Heartland', for the first time,  in 1977, traveling over 3,000 miles, finally 'relocating’, in San Francisco, CA.  In route, I crossed over the mountain passes into California during the daytime in September 1977.

What I eventually discovered on my new California stages, spread throughout the Bay Area's landscape, greatly expanded what I thought about stone.  Much of what I came into contact with baffled me – being so unfamiliar, yet tempting.  Previously, in rigorously controlled academic environments, I had learned to see the stone world through the scientific paradigm, and now, in California, I was exposed to the metaphysical (beyond science) world of stone.  In places like Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, I met up with ‘Crystal Merchants’ absorbing their fascinating ideas about their relationships to the stone, which they lovingly promoted from street stalls; even the bookstores adjacent to the Berkeley campus encouraged the ‘vibe’, with the most uncommon reading materials – books like Healing Stoned.

By the time the spring of 1981 dawned, I made new collections of stones, purchased lapidary stone carving equipment, and joined the San Francisco Gem & Mineral Club located in the Sunset of San Francisco.  I began to carve stone and found it to be one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life to that point.  1981 was also a high point for my interest in astrology - the year I was initiated.  A major astrological event, The Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction occurred in early Libra, almost exactly on my birth Ascendant.  I attended my 1st Astrology Conference at the Berkeley Marina, with a wooded case of crystals in tow – I was thirty-years-old and about to, in the immediate aftermath of the conference, climb a mountain with a friend, who I still call friend to this day.  I did this despite an uncontrollable fear of heights.  Sometime during the first days of August 1981, I sat petrified by fear on Bear Creek Spire's glacier,  in the Yosemite wilderness, at an elevation of 14,000 feet.  My friend stood by me until I regained my nerve to continue climbing; it was a major individuation moment for me. 

By 1984, my rebuild ‘Self’ was publishing a regular column called Earth Harvest in an astrological Journal, appropriately named Welcome to Planet Earth WTPE. It was this journalism activity, coupled with a love for stone, which lead me to write and notarize A Piece of Granite Named Transcendence.  With this work, I was engaged in dangerous journalism, making an astrological forecast that the world’s largest bank, at the time, the Bank of America, was about to face a crisis, wherein her “very foundations would melt away”.  The article’s publication was delayed from April 1985, until November 1985, due to concerns for my and my family's security.  During that 1985 time window, my forecast manifested, beyond my imaginings.  When my article was finally released to WTPE for publication, it was well received by Claire Giannini Hoffman, the outspoken, Board Member, daughter of B of A’s founder – A.P. Giannini.  Both of us had published, almost simultaneously, scathing articles

Bank of America Building, San Francisco

By the end of 1985, B of A had suffered the second largest bank losses in U.S. history, and had to sell its fabulous stone headquarters building at 555 California.  It was the stone in the bank’s featured black sculpture (named Transcendence/Black Heart of the Banker), its plaza, and towering outer walls that caught my attention.  For years, I had traversed the stone plaza, almost daily touching its black stone sculpture.  One day I had a thought, “that what is gathered here, on the plaza, has some deeper meaning”, and I began to research the construction history of the building.  It all began with my feelings – my attraction – my relating to the stone.  I had traced the origins of the stone, showcased in the extravagant B of A environments, to places around the U.S. 'Heartland', and across an ocean, which were marked with a lunar distinction in the American Significant Moment – the 4th of July, 1776, from Philadelphia, PA, at 4:47 p.m.  Certain things gathered together in downtown San Francisco, things which apparently liked to happen together – the B of A Headquarters building and its black monument on the plaza was a massive show of power.  Those ‘certain gathering things’, included a famous (National Treasure) Japanese sculptor named Nagare.  From this discovery, in March of 1985, the metaphysics became more and more profound and I was transformed by my realizations

Wanye and the "Transcendence" sculpture
[photo credit: Yon Walls]

Here I am touching a stone from Sweden, named Transcendence, carved by Japanese Master Stonemason, who is also a Japanese 'National Treasure' ~ Masayuki Nagare."

[photo credit: Wayne Moody]

Throughout the awesome events of 1985, my life was on a steep learning curve.  Apparently, I didn’t know enough stuff to ‘see’ what I was seeing; my astrological skills were meager, my geology skills incomplete.  It was Uranus in my birth chart, on my Cancer sign Midheaven and tightly sextile my Mercury (a sign of gifted mental abilities), that told the story of a natural genius to do some innovative ‘career’ work involving the Earth.  The problem was my need to work under my own direction (no boss) and I hadn’t solved that riddle.  I continued my work with stone, but  the time to do so was increasingly pushed aside, as my family grew from three to five, with the birth of my first two daughters.  Throughout all my challenges, my interest in stone retained its strong hold on me, despite a string of startling synchronicities.  These synchronicities drew me to make connections, underlaid by meaningful patterns, throughout the seven continent parts of the Earth.  Some contacts came through people born in those distant, widespread places, now immigrants in America, make contact with me.  Other connections came through ‘things’, the stones I collected, or items I attracted to, to supply my household clothing, foods, tools, and toys.

My journalism swept the planet for topics and for over two decades afterwards, I covered, or rather was drawn into (seen in astrology patterns from my birth moment): the Anti-Apartheid struggle in South Africa, multiple crises in the Persian Gulf, the Exxon-Valdez Oil Spill Disaster and trial in Alaska, the Peso devaluation in Mexico, the story of Truman’s decision to drop the first atomic bomb on Japan, up to the present and President Obama’s Presidential Connections in Oslo, Copenhagen, India, Java, and Korea.  All these journalistic works, touching widely separated places, reveal a great pattern – a pattern astrologically linked to America’s Significant Moment -again the 4th of July date.  Each article was inspired by some stone, platinum, gold, and diamonds in South Africa, even hydrocarbons in Alaska and the Persian Gulf, or some other ‘thing’ from a 'predictable' location, all tangible connections through which the American population (myself included) could be ‘touched’ by meaning issuing from many distant places, places marked important 235 years ago, for the U.S.

I am about to turn 6o, and have spent half of that lifespan (exactly 30 years and counting - this coming July 2011) working with astrology to better understand my relations – particularly those with stone.  The core lesson I have learned throughout the decades, was that we are all related (a Lakota Prayer), and that each of us is "part of a great whole, called universe, limited in time and space" (Albert Einstein’s words).

In December 2010, Istanbul, Turkey became an important step and stage for me. For this stage I crafted a script, which I worked to implement.  It featured a drama whose main leading star was me as a stoneman, maker of talismans.  I presented my first seminar on understanding and appreciating the Talisman in the 21st Century on December 5 and 6th, 2011.  The people who attended my seminar, were 'consciously' put in touch with ‘new’ ideas, and exotic stones carefully harvested from places around the Earth.  I brought copper ore from Alaska, ruby from Afghanistan, Atacamite ore from the site of the Copiapo Copper 'mine rescue miracle' in Chile, and more.  I set my stage to facilitate other peoples’ experiencing of stone as talisman – something serving their process of individuation.  I served as psychopomp (like Mercury, my Sun ruler) to their in-it-i-at(e)-ion crossing. 

Astrologically, Istanbul was a daunting place for me to relocate to during the first week of December 2010.  Astrological events of a compelling, and challenging nature faced me there, during that first week of December.  I had made the journey to Istanbul before in 2005, with the planet Mars overhead by transit in the sky, seemingly following me to the location.  Upon my arrival, at night, I had seen the armed soldiers and pre-positioned armored vehicles in downtown Istanbul, under a sky with Mars exactly overhead.  I saw the red planet overhead, from the bridge, as I crossed the Bosporus to Asian Turkey.  

A few days later, I posed with a soldier and had a picture taken – with him holding his machinegun.  In that moment, Mars (signature to some violence) in the sky was Stationing Direct, almost exactly (8˚ Taurus 14’) aligned (by conjunction) to my birth Mercury position at 8˚ Taurus 52’.  That almost exact, quantitatively measured event, was a once in a lifetime event for me.  My birth Mercury congenitally marked central Turkey with an angular Nadir flavor; the history, stone, and people of Turkey spoke to me and  I came away from Turkey with a stone talisman, harvested from under my active Mercury Nadir zone.  By contrast, in 2010, both of the ruling planets (Mercury/Gemini Sun and Venus/Libra Ascendant) in my birth chart were on the angles of my relocation chart to Istanbul by transit - in those early December 2010 moments, in the sky.

Furthermore, I was on an ‘Outer Planet’ angular line – with my Uranus Descending through Kirklareli, European Turkey, the birthplace of the my hostess’s father.  With Uranus, you expect the unexpected, either for things to either breakdown, or breakthrough.  I was taught that ‘Outer Planet’ symbols are not subject to the human will, they where seen as forces that happened to people – those collective actions and natural forces.  For this reason some reputable astrologers caution against relocating to places marked by Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto (the Outer Planets) under extreme transit events, like the Pluto transit, which danced on my relocated Istanbul Ascendant.  I made plans to avoid breakdowns; I was looking for a breakthrough  with a receptive audience by delivering an unusual topic.  The most formidable of the ‘Outer Planets’, Pluto, was transiting my relocated Istanbul Ascendant in early Capricorn, apace with my Sun sign ruler, Mercury.

Mercury was due to Station Retrograde at 5˚ Capricorn 55’, exact to the nearby transiting Pluto position at 4˚ Capricorn 33’.  It was Pluto that signatured the transformation I was seeking, even though its symbolic connection to 'total' destruction was potentially hazardous for me.  In 2010, Istanbul was at once an exciting and difficult place for me to navigate, but I worked hard to achieve it and eventually, I felt I had successfully walked a tightrope with my topic – the talisman.  I should note that the home of the woman who provided me food, shelter, and hospitality, was a wonderful haven of Plutonian signatures, all comfortably situated and consciously acknowledged.

My 4Terra Website’s holding page was launched from Sacramento, by my skillful web designer, while I was in Istanbul.  I received the link via email from her, on my Istanbul host’s computer.  On the second and last night of my seminar, there was a New Moon, an event that connected significantly to the second most important, pivotal moment in my development as an astrologer – the day I received my 1st Astro*Carto*Graphy© A*C*G, relocation map.  I gambled on creating another such new beginning, with a happening in Istanbul.  Those “certain things that like to happen together”, gathered on the Istanbul stage; with its massive Byzantine walls wrapping the stage, stone mosques everywhere you looked, then the world-class gemstones of the Topkapi Museum, the cobblestone walkways in old Istanbul, and the surprise visit to the stone master’s shop near my hostess’s home neighborhood. 

On December 6th, the evening before my departure, my hostess gifted me with a wonderful flint stone, which I gratefully accepted and will remember as the symbol of my second Istanbul experience.  Baris made an effort to find the stone amongst her possessions; for the stone, an uncommon treasure, was harvested from Gobekli Tepe, near Sanliurfa, on the Syrian border.  Gobekli is a newly discovered archeological site, a Superstar of archeological sites, today considered the oldest Stone Age Temple.

Today, I find myself writing articles, blogs, and maintaining this 4Terra Talisman service.  I am also arranging for the delivery of stone from all around the Earth, to gather with their like at my home address.  As a consequence, I now have stone from all of the seven continents and feel this puts me at the forefront of a modern approach and method for relating to the Earth.  This promises much exciting and innovative work with stone, in a frontier where the whole wide world is thrown open – for now.

Wayne Moody
April 29, 8:00 p.m., 2011
Edited April 30, 2011 – morning hours
Sacramento, CA