Found Treasure Necklace


This necklace; made up of many Hands of Fatima of various sizes, shapes and colors; a talisman protection against the Evil-Eye; and various ironic pieces having to do with ‘vision’; were all gathered together, from across the U.S., over a span of about two decades.  There was no guiding method for this gathering, save a love of beauty, the exotic, and a strange attraction. The gathered items were regarded as found treasures and the parts of the necklace came together during a winter snowstorm in 2010, assembled and designed by two sisters, each a master artist, in Los Angeles, CA.  Indeed, the name Found Treasures was the business name of the older of the two siblings, Cheryl and Dominique Moody.  To my eyes, the necklace is a stunning and beautiful example of the individuation process, the process happening during a difficult and transforming period in the life of the younger sister, Dominique, as she, a fine detail visual artist, slowly lost her sight to Star Guards.  Watching all this (I’m her brother), I perceived her to be individuating through the 3rd stage of the Jungian process, the one dealing with the Shadow – those deep instinctual drives that put us through our paces during life.  In December of 2011, the talisman was taken across the Earth, from Los Angeles to Istanbul for use as a display item.  Simultaneously, Dominique, the caretaker of the talisman, was reaching an integrated period of her life – what I believe to be the ‘Self’ stage, that 4th stage of the Jungian individuation process.  As I carried the necklace talisman to Turkey, Dominique was having a California Dreaming realization.

"Hand of Fatima Necklace" (winter 2010)

Created by Cheryl Moody of "Found Treasures" & Dominique Moody, Artist in Residency at Watt's Towers, Los Angeles, CA