Closer-Look Magpie Feather

The Magpie is a big brassy bird, until you get close; then it skedaddles.  On my route to work, early in the morning, I see them perched way up, on the very last wavering branch of a trio of Popular Trees – like royalty.  Their plumage is beautiful, like the penguin they seem to be formally dressed.  And they know how to strut their stuff too.  One day, in spring 2010, I recall the times because of the adolescent squirrels were performing their high jinks through the tree canopies annoying everyone.  The Magpies decided they would work some mischief with these inexperienced squirrels and proceeded to put on an amazing display of flying amongst the branches pestering the poor squirrels.  Native American lore has it that the Magpie saved the Earth in its hour of need and the ability to fly in amongst the canopy layer, close to the ground was the key to its success.  It was after seeing this aerial display, that I found the Magpie feather.  It was the first one I had ever seen on the ground – a gift for me, I suppose, for being an appreciative spectator.