Equipment for Assembling Talismans

There are many different materials that can come together as a talisman.  Everything that can be recognized as liking to happen together establishes an artistic expression.  The meaning behind the parts is what gives the talisman its power to move the Soul.  The Found Treasure, placed through some artistic interpretation on the body, or in proximity to it is entirely subjective.  Living ones life is entirely subjective.  This is why the art of the talisman is just as important as the method of establishing, or realizing it.  Integrity in the materials used are important however.  There is always a back-story in the materials used; their source, gathering, how they happen to come to you, as well as, the season when the certain things that like to happen together, do!

Wooden Wand

During the early days of the Harry Potter craze, I used to read the popular books to elementary school children as a treat.  Since my name is Moody, I got a special thrill when it came to assuming the role of the Mad-Eyed Moody character.  I actually found a rubber eyeball with prominent veins and stuck it in my eye socket behind the lens of my glasses.  What fun!  Over the years, we would get through all of the long books and at some point; I began to gather woods from the trees in my travels and make wands for the children.  I would give the wands fantastical names like Restorer Master and bestow them upon the deserving.  I started with my own children.   For some, those game enough, receiving one of my wands was a magical moment, just like in the book.  You would think that the child had just been empowered and, you know, more than a few adults took the bait too.  The process of the wood gathering to me was revealing.  Nothing was taken, all was acknowledged, and respect was accorded to the tree sources.